15 Bookish Facts About Me


by Megan Annie Scott


1. Contrary to my co-blogger, I’m not a Harry Potter fan. I know – I enjoyed the books but it’s just not my cup of tea I’m afraid. However, the rest of my family are complete potterheads, making me something of a squib. Needless to say, I know that I would have been sorted into Gryffindor, and my patronus would be a dolphin.

2. I am, however, a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games. I didn’t actually even know that it was a book series until my cousin and I were searching for something to watch at the cinema and saw that The Hunger Games was showing. That was the moment that I fell in love with Peeta Melark- I watched each of the films in the cinema and poured over every book!

clover moon 117673662_582267202469749_613930503018163323_n

3. Leading on from fact 2…I had a Peeta Mellark poster stuck on the wall right above my bed for three years. The only regret I have is ever taking it off the wall!

4. My co-blogger Bethanie is the one that got me into Jacqueline Wilson books! When we were ten years old I was still reading fairy books (let that sink in) so Bethanie let me borrow Midnight, and I had never read anything quite like it- it definitely started my obsession with Jacqueline Wilson books.

5. I met Francesca Simon (aka the author of the Horrid Henry books) when I was around seven or eight years old. I remember not realising that she was Canadian (even though she says it at the front of each Horrid Henry book!) She was lovely.

carrie pink 117594358_905972879890356_8266355375486800545_n6. I’ve also met Carrie Hope Fletcher at a singing for her fourth novel When the Curtain Falls. I went on my own (which was scary enough) and then when I was two people away from her in the line my hands were shaking – she was so nice though!

7. Since I work in a nursery with 0-4 year olds, I get to read all the cute picture books that I remember loving as a toddler to them. Earlier in lockdown I started reading stories to the kids in the nursery via our Facebook page- it was so nice to still feel connected to the kids, even if it was virtual!

8. I’ve always wanted to write and illustrate my own picture book for children. I would also love to have my own storytelling bus/caravan to drive around to different schools telling stories, exactly like a teacher I had in primary school did.

9. As well as my love for children’s literature (particularly middle-grade and ‘tween’) I also usually read YA (young adult) and the occasional women’s fiction (or ‘chick lit’)- particularly books based in small villages, with cosy pubs and mysterious strangers.

10. During the lockdown, I’ve fallen in love with true crime videos on YouTube, particularly the videos by Bailey Sarian and Eleanor Neale. This lead on to me reading the YA true crime genre and loving A Good Girls Guide to Murder and it’s sequel Good Girl, Bad Blood (but that’s a post for another day!

11. My favourite YA books are the To All the Boys I’ve    lara jean 7472653393004352461_n (1) Loved Before trilogy by Jenny Han. It’s about a teenage girl named Lara Jean Covey. Whenever she has a crush, she writes them a letter, but never sends it – as a way to ‘release’ her emotions. It’s such an adorable series, and Lara Jean reminds me so much of myself.

12. My favourite childhood series was The Tiara Club series, about a – you guessed it- a princess academy! I loved the different themes within the series like magical animals and objects. However, the best part about this series was that one of the princesses was called Princess Megan- and did I dress up as her for World Book Day, you ask? Yes, yes I did!

13. My favourite book-to-movie adaptations are Love, Simon, obviously the Netflix adaptations of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Stand by Me, Coraline, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Hunger Games– but there’s so many to choose from!

                                                       14. I love love love seasonal reading- e.g books set in a specific season or focusing on a hetty feather pink117235631_352794542398484_2926139506674482821_nparticular celebration, Halloween for example. I have an entire bookshelf in my room dedicated to Christmas themed books- if it’s got snow, Christmas trees or elves in it- it’s on that shelf!

15. I’ve been working on writing my own YA fiction series for a while now- I still haven’t finished it yet- it’s a work in progress to be sure!

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