A Very Harry Christmas: Ravenclaw Edition

Welcome to Lemonade and Literature- and the second of four Harry Potter gift guides to help you find that perfect gift for your friends this Christmas. No matter what house they have been sorted into, you will be able to find something for them in our A Very Harry Christmas series. For this installment, we have put together the very best Etsy has to offer in Ravenclaw gifts, to give you some inspiration and help you make Christmas magical.


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1. Luna Lovegood Enamel Pin (£6.50 from KatieAbeyDesign)

This gorgeous pin features Luna in her famous Spectrespecs, on the lookout for Wrackspurts. Perfect for any Luna-loving Ravenclaw, this pin could make a lovely edition (or beginning!) to their pin collection.

2. Ravenclaw Quote Bookmark (£1.65 from LovelyBookish)

This gift needs little explanation- what Ravenclaw doesn’t love to read? The perfect stocking filler for your bookworm friend, this is sure to become their favourite.

3. Ravenclaw Book Sleeve (£17.50-£23.00 from WanderStitchStudio)

These handmade book sleeves are perfect for keeping your precious books safe from harm in your bag, and can be customized for any size book- maybe even Hogwarts: A History!

4. Ravenclaw Inspired Skirt (£14.99-£24.99 from OnceUponABowtique UK)

This gorgeous Ravenclaw inspired fabric will make for the perfect skirt for your Ravenclaw friend. The pattern features diadems, Ravenclaw scarfs, mugs, as well as school books, and you can choose the length that suits you.

5. Ravenclaw Wands Print (£7.00 from DwaalAndPark)

This print features the wands of Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang, Gilderoy Lockhart and Professor Trelawney, and would suit any Ravenclaw’s study desk.

6. Diadem Necklace (£6.00 from KookieAndRookie)

This beautiful diadem necklace lets you wear a little piece of Hogwarts history- and orders come with stickers…and sometimes a surprise gift!

7. Luna Lovegood Print (£5.00 from britishbookart)

This gorgeous handpainted book page features Luna on her introductory chapter in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and is sure to brighten any Ravenclaw room.

8. Ravenclaw Candle (£5.00 from MadameFiction)

Inspired by the house colours, this blueberry and vanilla candle will help Ravenclaws read past curfew, and make their room smell like home.

9. Ravenclaw Stickers (£4.11 from ClaireBearPrints)

These stickers are perfect for Ravenclaws to decorate their work, featuring magical textbooks and the house crest, they are sure to be a hit.

10. Ravenclaw Planner Kit (£2.30-£13.79 from PlushPaperies)

This kit is ideal for our organised Ravenclaw friends, helping them to stay on top of homework and achieve those top grades!


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