A Very Harry Christmas: Hufflepuff Edition

Welcome to Lemonade and Literature- and the first of four Harry Potter gift guides to help you find that perfect gift for your friends this Christmas. No matter what house they have been sorted into, you will be able to find something for them in our A Very Harry Christmas series. For the first instalment, we have put together the very best Etsy has to offer in Hufflepuff gifts, to give you some inspiration and help you make Christmas magical.



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1.  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Charm (£7.00 from VintageTwist2015)

This adorable charm features the work of one of the most famous exports of       Hufflepuff house- Newt Scamander. The miniature replica of the original edition is the perfect gift for any Hufflepuff with a keen interest in Care of Magical Creatures.

2. Hufflepuff Crest Passport Holder (£19.99 from DanisaDesignsUk)

Ideal for any Hufflepuff who loves to travel- just remind them NOT to accidentally lose their case in New York! The wallet also contains a zipper pocket for you to keep your spare knuts and sickles safe.

3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Stickers (£2.31-£8.80 from 3YearsApart)

These gorgeousa hand-drawn stickers are perfect for Hufflepuffs to decorate their journals and school work with- featuring Nifflers, Mooncalfs and more!

4. Hufflepuff Candle (£10 from ReadingRoomCandleCo)

This pure vegan-friendly soy wax candle is designed to take Hufflepuffs back to the smell of their common room, with notes of sweetpeas and freshly cut grass, it is sure to make them feel at home.

5. Niffler Enamel Pin (£9.33 from SwishandFlickCompany)

This adorable Niffler pin shows a Niffler hiding in a plant pot, wearing a Hufflepuff scarf- perfect for any Fantastic Beats fan!

6. Hufflepuff House Nightlight (£22.90 from Grobblenots)

This gorgeous light will brighten any Hufflepuffs day- or help them to sleep soundly through the night.

7. Hufflepuff Scarf (£16.99 from PinsArtShop)

This beautiful scarf is handmade and all funds raised from this shop will help them continue to run therapeutic art groups- so not only is it the perfect gift, but you will also be supporting a worthy cause.

8. Hufflepuff Necklace (£8.00-£10.00 from thebookcorner)

This necklace features the Sorting Hat’s song about Hufflepuff, helping them remember what they are all about.

9. Niffler Book Page Print (£4.99 from britishbookart)

This fantastic print is created on a page from the books about Nifflers- perfect for any Hufflepuff bedroom wall.

10. Hufflepuff House Print (£5.00-£7.00 from TheTreasuredUK)

This stylish print is sure to be a hit with your Hufflepuff friend!


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